Engel Law Office

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Engel Law Office | Baltimore, MD


The project, located on 6510 Falls Road, involved the renovation of and additions to the existing two story buildings—a stone structure dating to the 1800’s and a timber frame structure from the mid-1900’s—linked together by a one story connector. The stone clad cottage was previously a small single family residence and the timber frame building was used as a flower shop. Historically, the stone building was part of the copper mine located in the Bare Hills area that first opened in 1845. A private Baltimore City based law firm purchased the property and buildings to create a work space for their offices with the spectacular views of the copper mine hills and Falls Creek.

The buildings were deteriorated and needed both exterior and interior repairs. The design included salvaging the historical wooden beams and stone walls and gutting some of the additions that were made in last few decades. KPN worked carefully in exposing historical materials, restoring them, and finally adding modern details that supported the program and aesthetic concept. The interior spaces were designed with a mindfulness to the exterior vistas in the back of the building.

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