Colonial Hall Student Center

Grove City College | Grove City, PA

Located within the Main Campus of Grove City College in Pennsylvania, Colonial Hall features 240 student beds and a unique architectural style reminiscent of the English-style Arts and Crafts.

Serving as the “Gateway” from the town’s Main Street leading to the historic Alumni Center and Athletic Stadium, Colonial Hall provides a visitor an introduction to the Main Campus’ strong tradition of Tudor Architecture introduced by the Olmstead Brothers in the early 1920’s.  In addition to luxurious student suites, Colonial Hall offers Classrooms, Meeting Rooms, a Recreation Center, Offices and a Grand Lobby that connects the Main Entrance of the building to the open quadrangle at the opposite side.

Covering over 82,000 sf., this project was a winner of the Golden Trowel Award from the International Masonry Institute.

*Designed by KPN principals while working at CSD Architects