Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart | Dubai, United Emirates

Located at International City within the Al Warsan District of Dubai, Dragon Mart is known around Asia and the Middle East as the largest trading center for Chinese merchandise outside of Mainland China. With over 1,700,000 gsf. of retail/commercial space, this nearly one mile long, dragon-shaped facility offers a permanent exhibition area for major retail tenants that offer a variety of commodities ranging from food and groceries to farm machinery.

To accommodate the growing number of visitors annually, major enhancements to its architecture as well as interior way-finding graphics were introduced. Critical entrancets to the facility were redefined by use of unique architectural, graphic and lighting elements, while directional signs were redesigned to provide clear, and easy to understand travel paths. Pictograms, icons and color-coding were also incorporated in the exterior and interior way-finding graphics to allow easy interpretation by a multi-lingual customer base.

*Work done while with another firm