Rowan Boulevard

Rowan University | Glassboro, NJ

Covering over 1 million square feet of mixed-use residential, student housing, retail, and commercial development, the KPN design team created the Master Plan and Concept Architectural Design for this quintessential college town located in Galssboro, New Jersey.

Designed to promote smart growth living with mixed use amenities, this ambitious redevelopment project provides an important link between the Rowan University Campus and Glassboro’s historic downtown retail district. Components of the Master Plan include:

  • a Barnes and Noble Collegiate Superstore
  • student housing buildings
  • short-stay hotel
  • a tree-lined Main Street showcasing 185,000 sq. ft. of retail space
  • 40,000 sq. ft. of office space
  • 307,000 sq. ft. of residential space.

The project, which began construction in 2009, is expected to attract 60 new retail stores, including a dozen restaurants, boosting the local economy by more than $48 million annually.