Central High School Rebranding

Prince George's County Public Schools
ClientPrince George's County Public Schools
LocationCapitol Heights, MD
Size168,000 SF
Completion2021 (est.)
RoleArchitect of Record

Central High School is a 168,000 gsf masonry building originally built in 1960 with major additions constructed in 1983, 1989, and 2003. The project started as a HVAC replacement project for the entire school, with Phases I and II. 

Eventually, Phase III was added to the project, which consists of developing a rebranding package for the school interiors, including replacement of interior finishes, replacement of old equipment such as chalkboards, improving daylighting in learning spaces, and the use of sustainable materials.

The one-story school is spread out with multiple hallways linking the various wings. KPN divided the school into sections, with each section characterized by a dominant color for ease in wayfinding. The hallways are activated by color and themed walls for student displays and motivational messages.

Designing an interior design concept for the entire school, KPN prepared finish boards and materials and coordinated the rebranding scheme with the earlier phases that included renovation of HVAC systems and replacement of all windows and aluminum curtain-wall systems.

Each functional space, like classrooms, the media center, and multi-purpose rooms were designed in conjunction as a whole, comprehensive project. KPN worked closely with the school’s students, faculty, and alumni in generating the inspiration for the messages and artwork on the themed wayfinding walls and in the concept of placemaking. The theme of the project was to expand the learning function to outside the classroom and to build a sense of teamwork in collaboration and communal sharing of ideas.