Baltimore City Public Schools

Green Street Academy

Green Street Academy

Renovations and repair were made in 2 phases to the existing West Baltimore School building #80. The program was to accommodate KASA #342 and Green Street Academy #377 (GSA) in Phase 1 and additional renovation work to accommodate the expansion of GSA in Phase 2.

The work included a feasibility analysis of the existing spaces and laying out labs and classroom equipment within existing rooms, renovating existing toilets to code and providing required interior separation between the two schools. Work in Phase 2 included designing an Honor’s Lounge for the students with emphasis on sustainable design. The Honor’s Lounge design included student participation with the design team. Input from the students began in early programming and culminated in a design charrette, in which sustainable interior finishes and materials were presented and selected.

KPN Architects is the Architect-of-Record involved in the design production of construction and Bid Documents and Construction Administration to provide architectural support to the design team throughout all the phases of the project. Their role also included taking a lead role in the design of the Honor’s Lounge working with the students and teachers.

ClientBaltimore City Public Schools
LocationBaltimore, MD